Our Team.


We call ourselves Coliseum Team, because each one of us has the same vision and goal to provide the best services to you. Our trainers come from different background and states of Malaysia, but we work closely like a family and friends. Our smiles and laughter will tell you that our gym is all about good vibes and motivations.


Updated August 2020

9+ Coaches

available in the Arena

Our Master Trainer, Vincent Ng, is a Professional  Personal Trainer with over 10 Years of experiences. Under Vincent’s guidance, each of our trainers are continuously equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in the fitness world. With deep understanding of Muscle Building, Fat Loss/ Body Transformation, Nutrition and Meal Plans knowledge, Vincent and our trainers are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle to you, the one which you will  hold onto for many years ahead in your health journey.

Since our launching in June 2018, we have welcomed a growing number of over 800 members and a total of 9 Professional Trainers joining us.